2020 Documents

Artificial Intelligence Governace in Latin America: amidst State Regulation, Privacy, and Digital Ethics.

Castaño, D. (2020)

Artificial Intelligence & The Caribbean: A Discussion Paper on (Potential) Applications & Ethical Considerations

Brathwaite, C. (2020)

Bias and Inference in Neural Networks and their relationship with the Law.

Amunátegui Perelló, C.; Madrid, R. (2020)

The impact of artificial intelligence tools: an analysis of the public sector in Colombia.

Flórez Rojas, M.L. y Vargas Leal, J. (2020)

Data Economy and Artificial Intelligence in Latin America. Opportunities and Risks for a Responsible Use.

Gómez Mont, C.; Del Pozo, C.; Martín del Campo, A. V. (2020)

National AI Strategies and Data Governance in the Region.

Aguerre, C. (2020)

Human rights perspectives on the implementation of ethical frameworks for artificial intelligence.

Lara Gálvez, J. C. (2020)

Automation, digital technologies and social justice: experimenting with poverty in Colombia.

López, J.; Castañeda, J.D. (2020)

Humanistic Toolkit


ISSN 2684-0278
Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ethics, Governance and Policies

Aguerre – Amunátegui – Brathwaite – Castañeda – Castaño – Del Pozo – Flórez Rojas – Gómez Mont – Lara Gálvez – López – Madrid – Martín del Campo – Vargas Leal (2020)

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